More than a Photograph

I want to capture YOU, not an overly posed forced version of you. I help plan location, ideas, concept and outfit to help make you feel as comfortable and excited about our session as possible! This is more than a pretty photograph, it's an investment in your memory.


I want to create unique and beautiful art TOGETHER!  

The Experience

Before The Event:

  • I am here to assist and serve throughout the planning process! I’m always available to answer questions, offer advice, or help build inspiration.

  • You will receive a welcome email from me after booking with resources and FAQs.

  • We will work together to plan your engagement session! I will help with location scouting, outfit suggestions, and vibe. My goal is to make it feel like a fun date!

  • About a month before the event, we will have a meeting to discuss the shot list, which I use to build your day-of timeline. I will pass along the timeline to all necessary persons.

​During the Event:

  • I use your shot list and timeline to guide the day.

  • I capture candid moments throughout the day in addition to my directed creative compositions.

  • I coordinate and communicate with any second photographers, videographers or assistants, as well as planners and coordinators to help keep everyone on the same page. 

  • I want you to enjoy your wedding day, so I am here to help make all your dreams come true!

  • You will have to endure my bad dance moves!

Unique to You

I'm not here to just get those perfectly posed shots where the dress is just so and there's not a hair our of place. I want to capture the REAL moments! Embrace the messy and unrefined. Move around, talk to each other, and be yourselves. The gorgeous images will come naturally when you stay true to yourself! 

I will capture the in-between moments. We're here to tell your story and have a great time. I always have clients who show up saying "We're awkward and don't know what to do," and by the end of the session they're talking about how much fun they had! That's my primary goal. For you to enjoy your day and be left with images celebrating your connection!

​After the Event:

  • About a week after the event, you will receive a small preview album of highlights throughout the day.

  • Delivery of your final album varies depending on the season, but usually ranges from eight to twelve weeks. I work hard to get your photos to you as soon as possible!

  • We will be in frequent communication regarding delivery.

  • After your final gallery is delivered, you will receive any gift boxes, prints, or albums added in your package.

  • I remain available for questions or concerns and always hope to stay connected with my couples! 

Thank you for your patience.

We are still under construction!

For pricing inquiries please contact me here!